essential balance facial

Benefits of the Essential Balance Facial

Essential Balance Facial

Are you wondering if getting a facial will be worth your time and money? Our intensive
cleansing Essential Balance Facial offers a number of amazing benefits for your skin.


Even if you use skin care products daily, oil can build up on your skin and pores can become
clogged. A facial will help balance oils and control breakouts with deep cleansing. This type of
deep cleaning isn’t possible with regular face cleansers. Our Essential Balance Facial uses
steam to help open up pores in order to extract clogged pores.


Unlike some soaps that remove oil and dry out the face, the products in our Essential Balance
Facial also hydrate skin appropriately to prevent drying.


Exfoliating dead skin will rejuvenate your skin and make it look bright and youthful. Our
Essential Balance Facial gently exfoliates the top layer of skin so that the underlying, healthy
layer is revealed.


Our Essential Balance Facial includes a calming mask and other treatments that activate the
sympathetic nervous system, reducing anxiety and stress. Not only does your skin benefit from
a facial, but your emotional state will improve as well.


Facials such as our Essential Balance Facial also stimulate the production of collagen, which
makes the skin firmer and younger looking. Facials also increase blood circulation, which
increases cell turnover and slows down the aging process.

All of these steps are enhanced with a face and neck massage to complete your experience.
Schedule an Essential Balance Facial to experience the benefits that come from cleansing,
hydrating, exfoliating, calming, and rejuvenating your skin. Customize your facial’s results with
options like LED light therapy, a peel, or an eye or lip treatment.

The Greenhouse Day Spa offers multiple options for facials that will renew your skin and leave
you feeling renewed and refreshed. Whether you are interested in hydration, deep cleansing, or
renewal, we will deliver wonderful skin care results.