woman getting a facial treatment

Facials are a Necessity


Did you know facials are deemed a necessity?

True, facials benefit our skin by making it look cleaner, smoother and feel amazing, but there is so much more your skin gets out of them.

We will get into why and how in a bit, but here are some of the things that our skin goes through daily.

Think About It…

Day in and day out our skin is faced with a variety of obstacles and challenges from the moment we wake up in the morning to when we lay our head down for the night, and even while we sleep.

In the summer months, we are outside more, temperatures are higher and we go to bed later. These external factors all have an impact on your skin. The sun and tanning, while it gives your skin the appearance of a warm glow, it damages, and even destroys skin cells. Those dead skin cells dull your skin’s appearance, leading to sunspots and wrinkles that can make you look older than you are. And, who wants premature aging?

The hotter temperatures require us to hydrate more, but we don’t always reach for water or a low sugar sports drink. Studies show that you should drink between 9 -13 cups of water a day, but most of us fall significantly short of that goal. Dehydration prevents the essential function of shedding old skin cells and allowing new cells to function. Without generating new cells, dehydration can lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Think about everything our skin endures:

  • Stress
  • Cosmetics
  • Dehydration
  • Seasonal Elements
  • Sun/Tanning
  • Indoor irritants
  • Food/Allergies
  • Toxins and,
  • Blue light from electronics

Seriously, our skin goes ten rounds with Mike Tyson daily. We need to make sure we are doing what we can to take care of our skin – it is our largest organ and deserves to be taken care of.

Yes, daily cleansing, eating right, UV/sun protection, and the proper amount of restful sleep helps, but let’s face it… life happens, and we don’t always stick to the best skin care routine. Enter facials.

But how can facials impact your skin and life in a positive way?

Some of the Many Benefits

Facials have a way of making your skin feel clean, hydrated and boost your confidence even, but there is even more to it.

Facials reduce the appearance of signs of aging by plumping up the cells, smoothing fine lines and hydrating dry skin. They also promote the production of collagen, which are the protein fibers responsible for skin’s elasticity. This helps prevent future signs of aging such as sagging and wrinkling.

What are some of the many ways a facial can benefit your skin?

  • Makes You Glow. When your skin’s blook vessels suffer from poor circulation, skin looks pallid and ashy. Facials boost blood flow and circulation underneath the skin, which increases oxygen flow to the skin cells.
  • Deep Cleansing. With most of us having an on/off daily cleansing routine, our skin is left with white/black heads in our pores, causing clogging. Facials offer cleansing that detoxifies and unclogs the dirt and other contaminants on a deeper level than can be done on our own.
  • Exfoliation. Facials buff off dead skin cells that make skin look dull. Deep exfoliation paves the way for skin cells to regenerate so skin looks newer and younger. It also smooths skin allowing for better penetration of skin care products.
  • Decreased Puffiness and Dextox. Fluids and waste often accumulate under the skin, resulting in unsightly ruddiness and puffiness. Facials stimulate the lymphatic system, which eliminates toxins and excess water from your body.
  • Lift Your Mood. Stress has been shown to cause a variety of skin issues, including acne, dermatitis and psoriasis. Facials and facial massage promote better blood circulation, activates your sympathetic nervous system while relaxing your senses and rejuvenating your skin.
  • Customizable Expert Advice. Is your skin too dry or oily? Do you have acne or hyper-pigmentation spots? Regular facials and working with a professional will ensure that you get expert advice on any skin concerns. Since our skin is always evolving, the type of facial and the products use should always be evaluated.

Guys, you can benefit too

Facials are wonderful and are certainly not exclusive to women.

Gentlemen, you deal with some of the same skin life challenges as women, and you need a way to help your skin and pores clean. If you shave or have facial hair, that thick coarser hair is more prone for ingrown hairs and congested pores. The answer?


Yes, facials will brighten your skin and make it feel smooth, but honestly most men aren’t focused on smoother and brighter looking skin. However, anything that fights aging, wrinkles and congested pores should be a priority. The smoother, brighter looking skin will just be an additional benefit. 

So, a Life with Facials ….

Facials truly are a necessity. Not just because they help your skin feel clean, hydrated and fight the aging process, but because they help your skin combat against the affects from stress, the weather, dehydration and lack of a consistent daily cleansing routine.

You skin is always changing and so will your skin care needs. Find the best facial and treatments to create a customizable solution to create glowing, healthy and hydrated skin. A win-win for you and your skin.