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Benefits of Antioxidants in Facials

Free radicals are everywhere in your environment, and unfortunately, they can wreak havoc on your skin. Antioxidants are a way to help the skin repair itself.  When they are used in facials, they help boost skin health, improve the production of collagen, even out skin tone and reduce subtle signs of aging.

Give me a Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps brighten dull skin by boosting collagen production, hydrating the skin.  Vitamin C is vital for youthful skin. Many botanical extracts naturally contain high amounts of vitamin C. The botanical extracts in a Gentleman’s Facial or Herbal Hydration Facial are designed to energize the skin with natural botanical nutrients.

Let it Be Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another important antioxidant since it hydrates the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Those prone to skin sensitivity or irritation could benefit from facials utilizing vitamin E, such as a Renewed Radiance Facial.  Studies have shown that Vitamin E may prevent inflammatory damage after sun exposure.

Vitamin A for Anti-Aging

Vitamin A, or retinol, is one of the most effective antioxidants for anti-aging. It stimulates collagen growth and accelerates cell repair and regrowth. Facials utilizing Vitamin A, like the Renewed Radiance Facial, help smooth fine lines, reduce acne, and even out skin tone. It also promotes natural moisturizing.

Hyaluronic Acid

To protect your skin and keep it well hydrated, hyaluronic acid is a great option. By defending the skin against free radicals, it helps keep skin looking younger, and moisturizes it to keep it looking plump and firm. Hyaluronic acid is also proven to help wounds heal faster and reduce scarring. The Herbal Hydration Facial contains this vital antioxidant and is the perfect facial to add moisture to the skin during the cooler Houston weather, especially for dry or mature skin. .

Come out of the cold and into the warm, relaxing cocoon of Greenhouse Day Spa.  Our skin care and massage experts will help you rejuvenate and protect your skin. Your skin will thank you!