body wrap

How a Body Wrap Can Benefit and Hydrate You

Body Wrap

A body wrap is a spa service for the whole body. Here is an explanation of the wrap process and its benefits.

First, a technician usually exfoliates your skin using salt or a sugar scrub, lifting off dead skin cells. (You can add this service if it’s not included in your wrap.)

Next a mixture is applied to moisturize, tighten, or detoxify your skin. Spas often formulate their own custom blends from ingredients like clay, algae, honey, caffeine, green tea, fruit, herbs, and essential oils.

Then you are wrapped in an insulating material like neoprene (rubber), plastic, or towels, and left to relax while the ingredients do their therapeutic work for 15 minutes up to an hour.

Last, the wrap is removed, and you wash off, feeling refreshed and moisturized.

Body wraps offer a variety of benefits.
Hydration. Most wraps provide intense moisture to hydrate, nourish, and smooth skin that may be dry, delicate, mature, or damaged by weather.

Detoxification. A mud wrap not only moisturizes and hydrates the skin, it can also help rub off and pull out toxins and impurities as the mud or clay dries.

Stress and Pain Relief. Heated wraps help reduce pain and stress.

Nutrition. Seaweed and herbal wraps can help provide nutrients and vitamins to the skin.

At The Greenhouse Day Spa, our Rose Mud Wrap is infused with powerful, deeply hydrating apricots and wheat amino acid to penetrate deep into the skin for the ultimate hydrating experience. Come and relax while you pamper and nourish your skin.