swedish massage

Relaxation Swedish Massage Has More Benefits than you think!

Swedish Massage

A classic Swedish Massage from The Greenhouse Day Spa incorporates a variety of therapeutic techniques to ease tension, address aches and pains, and provide deep relaxation. Choose a complimentary essential oil for a calming, energizing, or relaxing experience.

The Physical Benefits of Swedish Massage
A lot of people just think of the classic massage as relaxing, and it is. But it also provides a variety of health benefits, from increasing circulation, to lowering blood pressure. It also relieves aches and pains, and works out tightness in the muscles, so you feel more relaxed and pain-free.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Swedish Massage
But the benefits go beyond the physical, and offer many mental, emotional, and therapeutic advantages as well. Massage can lower anxiety, help relieve depression, and lower stress, so you can leave your appointment feeling truly relaxed and refreshed.


At The Greenhouse Day Spa, we also offer a variety of essential oils you can choose from, that work in tandem with your massage to offer you relaxation, calming, or energizing benefits, depending on your needs on that day. Our massage therapists will work with you to pick the right oil for the benefit you are looking for.

The Whole Package

The classic Swedish Massage has a lot to offer, and you can choose your service from 50 minutes, up to 110 minutes. You can also add optional add-ons, such as a facial or foot scrub, which can further enhance your experience. Don’t wait, book your service with The Greenhouse Day Spa today.