couple getting a massage

Strengthening Bonds with Shared Wellness Time

Self-care is an essential part of mental health.  Combine self-care with intentional time spent with your spouse, partner, family member or friend and you’re setting the foundation for healthier and happier relationships.  These activities might include a walk, couples massage or cooking a meal together.  Time spent with others has been proven to combat not only loneliness, but depression, anxiety, and stress.

Benefits of Together Time

Spending quality time with someone you care about improves psychological well-being by providing a stress coping mechanism. Problems can be discussed and processed, rather than covered up using unhealthy mechanisms. Simply by talking about a problem, you start breaking it up into manageable parts, alleviating overwhelm. Lowering stress through quality time also improves cardiovascular health as well as brain function, which can increase overall lifespan.

Impact of Shared Wellness Activities

Sharing wellness activities with a friend, family member, or partner is a great way to strengthen your bond while managing stress. Wellness activities can have even more impact when shared with a loved one or friend. The two of you can lower stress together with a shared spa experience, taking time not only to relax, but to do so as a team, so you both experience the many physical, emotional, and mental benefits together. You’ll both be in a better head space to handle life’s everyday challenges, allowing yourself to unplug, even if it’s for an hour.

Improving Health with Massage

Massage therapy not only helps manage pain, muscle soreness and tension, but it’s also a boost for mental health and wellness. Massages cause your body to release oxytocin, bringing a sense of calm, happiness, and an overall good feeling.   Massages reduce cortisol levels, which are the molecules responsible for stress.  A great massage also will lower the heart rate and blood pressure. At the same time, massages invigorate the body by improving circulation, alertness, and energy. By combining a massage with quality shared time with a loved one, you both have a positive shared experience and a chance to reset.

At Greenhouse Day Spa, our Two-Together Massage utilizes Swedish massage on side-by-side massage tables. You and your companion will have an unforgettable, shared experience.  You’ll be ready to take on the world again after taking care of your wellness.